Whitehall School District uses a computerized food service program.  Each student is issued a 4-digit pin number (which he/she is responsible for) to be used for purchases in the food service line.  Free and reduced meals are handled in the same manner as the regular price meals.  No one on the food service line knows which meals are free/reduced as compared to paid.

The computerized food service program benefits everyone.  It eliminates the problem of students “borrowing” tickets or cash for food.  Only the person issued the number may use the account.  It is important that your child remembers their number when intending to eat at school. The school encourages payment by check, especially when sent during the school year with younger children.

For those filling out applications for free/reduced price meals, full price for meals will be charged until the application is approved.  

  Prices for the 2024-2025 school year are as follows:

If you have any questions, please call Ellen Bartow at 715-538-4364 ext 199.


NOTICE:  District Breakfast/Lunch Delinquent Accounts

When paid accounts reaches $10.00  they will be notified via a voice message system that the account is nearing a zero balance.  Families on free and reduced will receive a voice message if their account has a negative balance.  

Statement to families with low balances and itemized statements are sent out at or need the end of each month.


Families who are facing financial hardships are encouraged to complete an application for free and reduced meals which is included in the family registration packet.   Applications are strictly confidential.  If you have additional questions, please contact Megan Densmore at 715-538-4364 ext. 105.