Whitehall WC Teams

2021 Team

Traveling Team (and Competitor Level):Kivin J (12U), Evander P (12U), Alex Katzman (Junior), Taevyon Saintfort (Junior) 

Practice Squad:Matthew "Gus" Poulos, Alex Katzman, Kivin J, Evander P, Dylan Moats, Taevyon Saintfort, Kasen H, Addy H, Cooper Jacobson, C. Kulig.

Technical Falls: 3 Pins: 2

1st place medals: 0

2nd place medals: 2

3rd place medals: 3

Raiding Targets:

Mukwonago Freestyle Tournament

Mukwonago Greco  Tournament

La Crosse Area Wrestlers Freestyle Tournament

La Crosse Area Wrestlers Greco Tournament

UWW / USA Wrestling Cadet, U-15, and Futures National Freestyle Tournament

Elkhorn Freestyle Tournament

Elkhorn Greco Tournament

2020 Team

*The 2020 season of Freestyle and Greco was cancelled due to the Covid-19 outbreak.

2019 Team

Traveling Team:Michael Poulos Jr. (Junior Division), Kivin J. (10 U) Kayla Henk (Junior Division), Matthew "Gus"  Poulos (14U)

Practice Squad:Kayla Henk, Michael Poulos Jr.,  Matthew "Gus" Poulos, Kivin J, Frank J, Evander P, Alex Katzman, Alex Benson, Brekken Kulig, Justin K, T. Stephens, Junior Smith, Connor Gleeson, Eric Kleinhans, A. Kleinhans, Wylie Dunn, Jess Lyga, Ethan K, Braydon F, Gavin Benson.

Technical Falls: 1

Pins: 3

1st place medals: 1

2nd place medals: 2

3rd place medals: 3

WWF State Placers: 2 Freestyle Champion Kayla Henk, Kivin J. 2nd place Greco.

USA Wrestling National Qualifiers: 1 Kivin J.

WWF State Team Eligible: 1 Kayla Henk

All-Americans: 0

Raiding Targets:

Sparta Greco / Freestyle Tournament.

Chetek-Weyerhauser Greco / Freestyle Tournament. CANCELLED.

WWF Wisconsin State Freestyle Tournament.

WWF Wisconsin State Greco Tournament.

USA Wrestling Northern Plains Regional Tournament, Rochester, MN.

USA Wrestling Women's Junior National Freestyle Team Duals, Tulsa, OK.


Kayla Henk goes 3-2 at the Tulsa Duals. Breaks hand at Tulsa. Could not heal in time for Fargo.

*Michael Poulos and Matthew Poulos become the first Norsemen to wrestle in the Northern Plains Regional.

*Kivin J takes 2nd place at the WWF State Greco Tournament.

*Kayla Henk won a WWF Freestyle state championship.

*Kayla Henk makes the 2018-2019 Wisconsin Wrestling Women's State Freestyle team. 

*Michael Poulos gets to the round 2 consolation match at the WWF State Freestyle tournament. 

2018 Team

Traveling Team:Frank J (Novice), Evander P (Bantam), Michael Poulos Jr (Junior), Kayla Henk (Junior).

Practice Squad:

Frank J, Evander P, Braydon F, Colton S, Travis S, Gavin Benson, Michael Poulos Jr, Kivin J, Kayla Henk, Jerred Schenn, Justin K, C. Mosley, Carlos Velasquez, Christian Stenberg.

Technical Falls: 2

Pins: 3

1st place medals: 0

2nd place medals: 1

3rd place medals: 3

WWF State Placers: 0

WWF State Team Eligible: 1 

All-Americans: 1

Raiding Targets:

Westby Freestyle / Greco Tournament

Mauston Freestyle / Greco Tournament

WWF Freestyle State Tournament, Wisconsin Dells

WWF Greco State Tournament, Wisconsin Dells

USA Wrestling Tulsa Team Duels

USA Wrestling Fargo Nationals


Kayla Henk makes the 2017-2018 Wisconsin Wrestling Women's State Freestyle team. Kayla Henk takes 7th at Fargo Nationals. She earned All-American status. Michael Poulos Jr. becomes the first Norse male to win a match at WWF Greco State.

2017 Team

Traveling Team:Kivin J (Bantam).

Practice Squad:

Kivin J, Frank J, Evander P

Technical Falls: 0

Pins: 2

1st place medals: 0

2nd place medals: 2

3rd place medals: 0

WWF State placers: 0

MN/USA qualifiers: 1

Raiding Targets:

MNUSA Grand Rapids MN State Freestyle and Greco Qualifier.

Season Notes:

Inaugural season for the Whitehall Wrestling Club's Freestyle and Greco program Kivin J.the lone Norseman that wrestled in Freestyle and Greco competition. Due to the late season start for the club we missed all of the Wisconsin events and found the only event left within 4 hours of Whitehall, Grand Rapids, MN. While this was a Minnesota State event Wisconsin wrestlers could enter the tournament but if they qualified they were not allowed to wrestle in the state event. Kivin wrestled to a second place finish in the Minnesota Freestyle state qualifier and the Greco Qualifier. The wrestler that beat him became the eventual Minnesota state champ in Freestyle and made podium for Greco. Not bad for a first year in the Olympic styles for the Norse.