Every year, Ashley for the Arts requires over 3,000 volunteer shifts to be filled in order for the event to be a success!  In return, Ashley for the Arts distributes donations to over 50 non-profit organizations.  The Whitehall School District is very fortunate and grateful to be one of those recipients! 

The 2022 Ashley for the Arts Volunteer Sign-Up is NOW OPEN!

Please follow the directions below to fill as many shifts as you’d like!  As always, volunteering is optional. But, please keep in mind, the more we help, the more we get back!

We thank you in advance for your time and contributions!

  1. Volunteer website: - click “Become a Volunteer”

    1. The password for the Whitehall School District is: whitehall

  2. Only ONE volunteer name can be submitted at a time as the sign-up is unique to each volunteer (first name, last name, email, shirt size, etc)

    1. To add additional volunteers, select “+ Add” after entering your information.

    2. Select “Whitehall” from the drop down list at the bottom of the page (this is a required field). Then enter the name of your group in the “Specified Group” field. (Example: Whitehall Volleyball, Whitehall Baseball, etc.). This field is optional, if left blank, the donation for your time will go towards a general donation to The Whitehall School District.

      1. Each group within The Whitehall School District is awarded a donation based on volunteer shifts filled specifically for that group. If you are working a shift for a specific group, this field must be filled out!

  3. Each job has a short “job description” to help explain the job duties

  4. Be mindful that certain jobs require a 21+ volunteer – if 21+ is required it will be noted in the job description along with any other specific volunteer requirements.

If you have any questions regarding sign-up, please contact Katie Johnson at (715) 538-4364 ext. 163.